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WWE's Rated PG Stars Head to Head - Roddy Piper Vs Drew McIntyre

Taking a cue from a series of articles I saw over on The Bleacher Report, a site that re-posts my own blog entries, I decided to do my own variation of something they call creature vs creature.A� What they seem to be doing, is having different contributors do a blog as to why they feel that the tag team they have chosen is the best of all time.A� That got me inspired.A� So for the next week, I am going to do a series of posts comparing some of the top stars of the then, WWF, back in the PG era of the 80s, to their current counterparts.A� For my first match, we have Roddy Piper vs Drew McIntyre.

Rowdy Roddy Piper.A�A�A�A�

At the time was one of the biggest names in all the WWF.A� Second only to Hulk Hogan himself.A� Most likely because of his feud with Hogan, and for being in the main event against The Hulkster at the first Wrestlemania.A� Well, I'm sure Piper would have been famous regardless, as he was one of the best people on the mic that you will ever hear, and had a knack for getting the crowd to hate him.A� Piper was not much of a technical wrestler, in fact he was pretty much a brawler who's main weapon was a sleeper hold.A� And despite being as big as he was, he never did win the World Championship.A� But then again, this was the Hogan era, so nobody but him wore that belt for quite a while.

Drew McIntyre.A�A�

Here we have the new "Scot" on the block.A� It is way too early in McIntyre's career to know just how far this guy will go, so we can only base this on what we have seen thus far.A� And thus far, despite being billed as "The Chosen One"A� and being groomed as a future World Champion, he is no match for Mr Piper.A� His matches have been dull, and his interviews inspire one to grab the remote as fast as possible to change the channel. Now, of course Drew may one day win that World Championship, and have one up on Piper, but from what I can see, he will never fillA�his boots. McIntrye has the looks, and even a better finisher with his "Future Shock" DDT, but this head to head is a no contest.

Winner... Rowdy Roddy Piper!