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The Four Stages of the Ant Philosophy

Do you think that we can learn much from these formidable little insects?

The Legendary Jim Rohn told a story about the ant philosophy and how we could learn a lot from them.

The ant philosophy is broken down into 4 stages, I would like to share these stages with you.

Stage 1. Never Quit

Ants are tenacious little critters, they have a "never quit" attitude to everything that they do, no matter what obstacle you put in front of an ant it will overcome it, it will go round it, over it, under it or through it, they are totally relentless in the pursuit of what they want, they are persistent to the extreme.

What could you achieve if you took on the never quit attitude of an ant?

Stage 2. Think Winter During The Summer

Ants think winter all summer long, in the summer most of us are found resting on our laurels and relaxing, not so with our formidable six legged little friend the ant, in the summer he is working hard storing supplies for the winter, he knows that things are easy in the summer and that food is in constant supply, he never takes his eye off the ball or his foot off the gas, he is always looking ahead and planning for the unseen circumstances that could be just around the corner, you will not find an ant caught off guard with no supplies and no food when the winter eventually rolls around. The ant knows that he can always do more, the ant is always prepared for what is around the corner.

Do you make hay while the sun shines or do you relax and work on your tan?

What difference would it make to you to think about the winter during the summer?

Stage 3. Think Summer During The Winter

Ants think summer all winter long, ants know that the seasons come and go and that nothing bad ever lasts forever, if I was to hazard a guess I would guess that during winter the ants think to themselves "this too shall pass."

The moment the summer arrives the ants are straight back at it, if the weather turns bad again then they return to the safety of their ant hill, however they are constantly ready to get back out there and get busy preparing for the next winter.

Do you prepare for the summer in winter, do you make plans during the lean times in preparation for when things pick up?

Do you think that thinking summer during the winter would be beneficial to you?

Stage 4. Do All You Possibly Can

The ant does not waste any of its valuable time, it squeezes as much out of every moment as it possibly can, ants are constantly active, they get on with it, they do not cruise through the week because they are focused on the weekend, they focus on getting as n much done as possible in each and every day, they do not wish their lives away.

If you are not applying yourself to the best of your abilities than how do you know what you are truly capable of?

Are you giving 100% to what you are doing or are you cruising through the weeks just waiting for the weekends to come around?

What difference do you think it will make to your life to do all that you possibly can.

The ant is the epitome of persistence and determination, the ant will not allow anything to beat it, (as anyone who as ever had ants will admit to) it works hard in the summer so it can have supplies for the winter, in the winter it is planning how to get the most from the summer, and it always gives 100% effort.

If you took on the philosophy of an ant, what difference do you think it would make to your life?

Why don't you try it and find out for yourself.