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Backpacks are some of the comfortable luggage. They are carried on one's back and fixed with one or two straps depending on the design that go over the shoulders. They are principally for the sporty folks. You can carry virtually every little thing you need - books, water, make-up kit, cell and much more. What's more is that they are often waterproof too.

With a market that continues to develop as extra pet owners become aware of the environmental challenges plastic luggage current, Cannella anticipates more rivals will emerge. He hopes to counter by pushing to make his firm's products even more earth-friendly and to proceed to develop new merchandise that help pet owners are likely to their furry buddies in a accountable way.

In California, the Marine Mammal Center has a "Cease Trashing Our Oceans" campaign that educates people in regards to the problems and injuries of marine mammals trapped in ocean trash. "Every year, trash in the ocean kills a couple of million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles after they ingest or change into entangled in it." Balloons, plastic luggage, pop top plastic rings all are a bags for cheap