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How Can I Make My Marketing Effective and Successful?

A business owner recently asked the question "How do I make my marketing more effective and more successful?" That is a brilliant question that I wish more business owners would ask themselves.

First, one really needs to understand that marketing is reaching the people who are truly hungry for what you have to offer, with the right message so what you say matches what they want. Second, you must have a call-to-action. This gives people an invitation to come experience more of what you have. Marketing is ineffective when the market selected is not the right one.

If you do not know who your market is, then your message is always diluted and obscure and not on point. Without clarity on who your ideal prospect is, you cannot create a strong compelling message. Also the majority of marketing messages are set up to share what the business owner has but never really invites the reader to take the next step, also known as the call-to-action.

A compelling message has three very critical components: first there has to be clarity on exactly who your market is. Secondly, you have to be able to articulate the problems you actually solve for people. And thirdly, you should be able to communicate the experience and outcomes that people can have if they choose to work with you.

That combination, in my experience creates a really compelling message for your market.

So the questions I would invite you to ask yourselves around whether your marketing is truly effective, compelling and successful are:

Do I know exactly who my crowd of eager buyer is?

Do I clearly understand the true problems that I solve for them?

Do I understand the burning desires of this market in my area of expertise?

Can I articulate with complete confidence the transformational experience, outcomes or results that I can help people to achieve?

When you feel like you have a crystal clear answer on all these questions, you can really put together some powerful and compelling marketing that actually creates the results that you want in your business.

If you're yet crystal clear on these, it is important to start with #1 - what is the profile of your ideal client/prospect. Most business owners do not spend enough time getting clear on this and surprisingly, when that's clear the rest of your marketing message tends to unfold pretty quickly.