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2015 Black Friday Sales 30% OFF
Barbour International Jackets

About Barbour

Because of the humid climate of British Islands,a suitable jacket is essential for people there. Aquascutum and Burberry,as the British royal family raincoats and jackets suppliers,we have been already familiar to them,but on the hand of quality, Barbour undoubtedly is understated top-ranked. And on the royal favors, Burberry and Aquascutum do not add up as another veteran Barbour. Burberry now holds two royal Queen-like, they were from the Queen and Prince Charles. As Aquascutum, only holds one, from the late Queen Mother. Barbour with many royal and noble "spokesman" has got three royal Queen certifications,they are Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, even as pride as Burberry, which has got only certification from the Queen and Prince Charles. Degree of a recognized and respected without doubt.

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